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Frequently Asked Questions

July 30th, 2015


What kind of things do you make?
I can make almost anything you can think of (or at least will try my best!) For any project, I will create custom graphics from scratch by hand. What to use the graphics for is endless.

Bottom line, I create graphics, and I also can do the following with the graphics I create:

Web Design
Web sites Portfolios Blogs Logo design
Article design Email newsletters
Web Marketing
Message board media Web media Slideshows Flash graphics
Web Buttons Web Banners Icons Avatars
Brochures Logo design
Print and Marketing Design
Various print media Flyers Business cards Greeting cards
Posters Information cards T-shirt/apparel design Book covers
Brochures Logo design Article design Letterheads
Sign design Banner design Calendar design

And more! Don’t see what you want listed here? Contact me anyway. I can probably do it. :)

Can I get something custom made?
Yes! Custom work is what I’m all about. :) When you make a request, just describe what you want and I will contact you to discuss in detail what we’re trying to achieve with your graphic.

You don’t list something I want, can you make it?
I will sure as heck try! I am alwas open to creating new things. When you make a request, describe what you want and I will research the request to give you an idea of what I can achieve.

Can I have one of the premade graphics?
It depends on the graphic. Each premade graphic in my portfolio is one of three things:

Showcase graphic: ARE available for purchase. These items were made for no purpose except to fill my portfolio. They may or may not be in use by another customer.

Custom purchase graphic: MAY or MAY not be available for purchase, though further information is available upon request. These items are custom graphics created for other customers, and redistribution is determined between myself and the original customer.

Tribute graphic: Tribute graphics are NOT available for purchase, as they are solely entitled to the person(s) in which the tribute was created for.

What is a tribute? Can I get a tribute done?
A tribute is a special graphic that is inspired by and designed for a person or persons. Tributes can be requested and purchased, though oftentimes I create tributes to honor someone that I am personally moved by. Once a tribute is completed and posted in the portfolio, they cannot be purchased or distributed to anyone other than myself and who the tribute was made for. The tribute can be used by whom it was made for in any non-commercial situation.

I want something very specific, done to a ‘T’…
When you make a request and describe what you want in detail, I will make every effort to come as close to your specifications as I can. Please understand that the design process is usually open to interpretation and may vary from what you picture in your mind, simply because I have different design techniques and resources. However, it is my goal to please the customer, and I will work diligently to create what you invision.

Requests and Rights

How do I make a request?
Easy! Just fill out this form and let me know what you want!

What is the process? What if I don’t like what you make?
Once I receive your request, I will respond via email to go over any details, specifications, pricing (if applicable), and etc. before beginning your project. If payment is applicable, partial payment is due prior to beginning the project, followed by another partial payment (to complete full payment) once project is completed, approved of by customer, and prior to releasing the full project to the customer.

Throughout the design process I may be contacting you for more information or to show you “in-progress” pictures to see if it is to your liking (which is my option, and is not mandatory). Once completed, I will send you via email your finished piece. I will offer one design edit once completed if there is anything you would like altered. The post-completion edit does not limit the number of edits within the design process (prior to completion), though those edits are instigated by me (the designer) if I contact you for input.

How long will my request take to finish?
Every request is different, so each will have its own timeframe. Upon submission of a request, I will give an educated guess to when I may be able to complete the project. If there is a specific deadline that must be met, please discuss this with me in your inital request. Please keep in mind that I juggle a full time career, full time college courses, plus I have a husband and three little ones at home to take care of. :)

Will you only make graphics for EB purposes?
Yes! While the goal of this web portfolio is to spread awareness for Epidermolysis Bullosa, I would gladly take any graphic request for any other cause or purpose.

Can I send you pictures to use for a request?
Yes! If you would like to send me pictures to use in/for a project, please feel free to mention them in your request. The initial request does not have an area for you to attach images, but once I respond to your request via email, you can submit them to me then. Please specify if you have a picture you would like to use and in what way (if you know), such as if you would like the actual image used in the project or if you would like something created from the image (i.e. a vector, such as what is used in a tribute).

Will you reuse my pictures / graphics?

I understand that any pictures you send me are your property, and I will not release your images to anyone else. Period. Your images will only be used in your custom project, unless otherwise discussed between you and myself. Your images will not be used for any other purpose unless I request from you some sort of use, such as showcasing your story on my portfolio site along with your finished project (such as with a tribute). You have every right to turn down the use of your image for any other purpose if you so wish.

I want something done, but I’m not sure what!
Let me help you figure it out! In your request, give me an idea of what you want, even if it is simply “I want a tribute for my son,” for example. Sometimes that is all I need in order to produce something great!

Can I use my purchase for commercial use?
The easy answer to this is no. Anything I create cannot be used for the sole purpose of generating profit for yourself or your site.

However. If you are a non-profit organization requesting a graphic, or a paying customer requesting a graphic, this is open to discussion. The answer, though, will never be an all-encompassing “yes.” Please contact me if you are interested in commercial use or if you are unsure of what you are using the graphic for would be considered commericial use. I would be more than happy to help you work it out. :)

If I purchase a graphic, is it mine or can it be purcased by someone else, too?
This is determined at the time of the request. If you are a paying customer, the answer is usually this: the graphic is yours and will not be resold or reused by anyone else. This is also true in the event that a graphic is designed for a company, organization, or non-profit entity.

If a graphic is created for you as a donation or for free, it is my right to be able to use it in any other way I deem necessary. All graphics will be displayed on my portfolio site unless otherwise determined during request discussion.

Pricing, Free Work and Donations

What are your prices?
Pricing varies depending on the request. I have no set prices for anything. Pricing is determined by complexity of the project, time spent on the project, resources used, and whether or not physical materials are used (such as printing cards or flyers). Please feel free to ask me if you are interested in something but are unsure of how much it costs, or if a donation or free work is an option for you.

Most of all, tell me your story. The nature of my work is driven by my passion for the EB cause, and most EB-related work will be done for fee (especially if it is in effort to spread awareness or help an EB family in need). I would love to hear your story, and oftentimes I am touched by the message and would feel honored to donate my services to anyone in need.

How can I get something for free?

Please see the above question What are your prices? Free work is often determined by the cause, the purpose, and the family in need. Tell me your story, let me know what you’re looking (and working!) for, such as for the cause. I created this portfolio to help, and it is what I wish to do. :)

Will you donate graphics?

Donating graphics is much like obtaining free work, though donations are more used for non-profit organizations and companies that need representation for their site or for print materials. Donations are determined through a discussion of the purpose and intent of the graphics I create. Please contact me to discuss more details in full and see what we can work out in terms of a donation.

What do you do with the money?
A portion – if not all – of the money paid for any work I do goes toward an EB organization. Organizations include Debra, PUCK, and others. I am not in this for the money, rather, I dedicate my time to promote awareness through my work and to benefit the search for a cure through donations.

Can I get free print materials?
No. I am not in the production business that can send you free print materials. What I can do, however, is design what you want for print materials (ranging from flyers to t-shirts to whatever you can think of), and if you want me to take it upon myself to produce the actual materials, I will research cost-effective ways to get it done. However, if you want me to produce any materials, you must pay for the material cost plus the shipping costs it would take for me to get the materials to you. None of this includes the price (if any) of the design process.

If you don’t profit, why do you do what you do?
Well, if I’m dedicated to promoting awareness, it wouldn’t make much sense for me to profit from it, right? :) Depending on the vessel that is requesting work, I may require payment, but for the most part I am vested in the purpose of the cause. That is, I want to “shine the light” on the cause and boost benefits to the cause. That is why most, if not all, of the funds I receive (aside from production material costs) will be donated to an EB organization.

There are instances that I do require payment that goes as a (small) profit to myself. These are such things as large, profit organizations, or personal / commercial requests that are not for the purpose of promoting a cause.

All in all, I want to make a difference, and this is why I created this site. I am a middle-class mother of three who still works full time at an 8 to 5 job while attending school to make life better for her own children. I do not have the funds to run large events, but I do have the time, and I have a special skillset that I (like to) believe could benefit the cause. It is like giving a piece of myself back to these beautiful Butterflies who have stolen my heart. Basically, I want to do what I can to help.