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How To Overcome Premature Ejaculation

December 27th, 2016

Premature ejaculation is a lot more common than you may think. Actually, one of three men suffers from it. And there really is nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes trying to get help for it. There are two ways to go about treating it. You have behavioral and mental treatments.

The most common reason for premature ejaculation is being stressed and having anxiety about not being able to perform during sexual intercourse. Behavioral treatments will teach you mentally and some physical exercises and tricks that you can use to help relax your mind and enjoy your sexб rather than trying to concentrate or trying to last longer, which is basically will lead to you ejaculating even faster.

Premature ejaculation can also be treated medically. Pills that have been clinically tested and are all-natural, they are made from all-natural ingredients and are always the best choice. They not only help with premature ejaculation, but they give you a better erection and much-improved sex drive. Of course, using a combination of both treatments works even better, but i i’s not necessary.

Now after researching and testing several products, I picked out the best of each treatment. Ejaculation behavioral treatment it is a great method that will show you some great techniques and tricks that will help you treat your premature ejaculation naturally.

And as for the pills, go look at ProSolution Plus. It is an all-natural, clinically tested and proven formula, that has a very high success rate. Both of these treatments are so sure of their products, that they offer full money-back guarantees.

There are a lot of other pills for premature ejaculation. Look for those that have only natural ingredients, that are approved by the FDA. Also, don’t forget to read customer reviews.

Another way to last longer in breath is deep breathing. This is really important to the real bridge, because it is the same thing with controlling your ejaculation. For some men, they simply have no control over it, and other have total control over it. And the breath is a great way to build that bridge, because it is something that you normally don’t have to control, but you can control. And by practicing these things at the same time, it builds attention and awareness to the way, in which you can control your own ejaculation. This may not work the very first time you use it, stick with it. Practice it. I promise you, the results are very much worthwhile, and it really can work for you, if you give it a chance, and if you and your lover have overcome at least that initial level, where you can talk about it, not make a big deal. And once it is not a big deal and you’re working on this together, you will find the whole thing opens up pretty easily; you will be able to make some real progress.

What Affects Sperm Count?

December 21st, 2016

So what about boxer versus briefs? I get that all the time if we remember back to the presidential elections of over 23 years ago we learned about Bill Clinton’s boxers/briefs habits and it’s since that it’s always been a topic of conversation. Now really there’s been a lot of literature and seems as if there’s a very very weak correlation between a man’s underwear choice. Having said that a lot of men that’s the first thing they do before they come see me is it proudly tell me that they’ve gone commando in hopes of improving their sperm counts. So it’s certainly a fun topic of discussion but maybe not clinically useful.

So what about overall health? So whatever is good for the man is good for the sperm. Conversely whatever is bad for the man is also bad for the sperm. So cigarette smoking is bad for sperm – bad for men. An alcohol consumption in moderation probably not bad for sperm, in excess – greater than five to six drinks at one setting especially highly correlated with poor sperm quality.

What about obesity itself? Interestingly enough obesity also has problems with hormones. So men that have very large body mass indices will also have abnormalities in their testosterone production as well as their conversion of testosterone to estradiol which is the female hormone and can have some negative effects on sperm production as well. So obesity really a multi-hit problem with sperm production as well as we know overall health.

Hypertension as well associated with male subfertility. Some of that hypertension medications also can have a negative effect. So something to discuss with your physician if you are attempting to have a child and are unsuccessful, and something you can bring up with your male fertility specialist as well to perhaps look for an alternative medication or figure out other ways to control blood pressure (diet, exercise, all the other good stuff we hear about).

So on the hormone side and non-obstructive subfertility men are not as simple as testosterone alone although that’s what we are sort of known for and given credit for. Actually a lot of hormones that can be responsible for problems with fertility, they most start in the pituitary gland. So there is a sperm producing hormone called FSH, is actually named for the female hormone which is a follicle-stimulating hormone. It turns out it has a similar function in the pituitary gland of men and essentially works as a regulatory hormone for the production of sperm.

So if a guy is making normal sperm numbers, his FSH should actually be pretty low. If a guy is making no sperm then his FSH is going to be elevated, is going be high because its pituitary gland is telling his testicle “look you need to crank up the factory production here, and you’re not meeting the goals”. And the only way that our body has to tell the tests to do that is that FSH hormone. So it’s a very important indicator for me to determine where the problem is. There’s really no great number throughout 12 million international units per milliliter as the upper limit of what I would consider normal. However, a lot of different considerations go into that number. So I can get concerned about FSH is as low at 6 but certainly over 12 I start to be a lot more concerned that we have a primary testicular problem.

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

December 14th, 2016

I want to talk about one of the most sensitive issues you can find out there, and one of the hugest problems that have been prevailing years and years in recent decades – penis size. And especially today I want to address those men who think they own the smaller size and give you really great strategies and empowerment talk of how to be and become the greatest lover you can be and to really show up for your partner the way you wanted to show up; and overcome this fear of not having large enough, big enough, fat enough, whatever. Now if you want your penis to be by giving you permission to experiment with your sexuality.

First, I want to start with some statistics to kind of help you orient where you are. I have done a lot of research on a lot of studies that were measuring penis sizes to kind of find the medium. And it was very hard to find for a few reasons. First, most of those studies have been done based on self-measurements. And one of the huge challenges exists out there that men did not know how to measure their penis size. And not that you even have to waste your life measuring it, but because it happens a lot, not a lot of men know. So relying on self-measurements you kind of take this fallacy of thinking that if you don’t know, men might be exaggerating or not contributing the appropriate and the rightful information. So very mind while I kind of giving you this. So I compared 2-5 studies together, and I can give you the average of what I found. So the flaccid size of the penis the average was between 7 and 10 centimeters and erect was about 12 and 16 centimeters. Let me give you an inches.  And the inches the flaccid size was about 2.8 to 3.9 inches and the erect size was 4.7 to 6 inches.

So you can see there is a huge beautiful area grab all the penis sizes available out there, we should be celebrated and adored, but more importantly by the owner of that penis. Also British Journal of Urology found in their study, where they invited couples, more than  300 couples enter this study. They talk to women, and  86% of women were solely happy and content with the size of a penis of their partner where all the man were kind of not sure of themselves.

What does teach you? Is that most of the fears that you have about your penis size come from your head. You let your mind control your sex life and not being in control of your mind. When in reality most women are fine and grade and fullfilled with the penis because, frankly, penis is not what you’re looking after, want to be going after amazing passionate and juicy sex life.